Our Vision

Our Vision.

We believe that a good education must enhance our humanity and foster the values that will enable us to live in harmony with our fellow human beings and with our environment.
Education must focus on the person as ‘person’ and not just as ‘student’.

We believe that the Learning Co-operative is a diverse environment. We are inspired by, and committed to, this diversity. We believe it is integral to our philosophy and fundamental principles.

These principles are tolerance, patience, understanding, forgiveness, co-operation, respect, trust, compassion, diversity for oneself and the community in which we live, consensus, empowerment and personal integrity.

We believe that an environment and community that aspires to these principles can create a place where children will develop a strong sense of self, as well as empathy for others.

We believe that this then will enable children to pursue their natural curiosity, wonder and enquiry and help them develop their own clear values and visions for life.

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