Location, Setting, Building & Facilities

Location, Setting, Building & Facilities.

10 Laceys Road, Hurstbridge, Victoria Australia (Melways ref: 263 D6)

The Co-op is situated on the outskirts of Hurstbridge, about 30km NE of the centre of Melbourne. The land and buildings are totally owned by the Co-operative. The buildings are nestled amongst 16 acres of bushland, with adventurous play equipment, cubbies and plenty of space to play. There is an abundance of creative garden spaces, a chook shed, an organic veggie patch and an indigenous food patch close to the main building.

The Main Building


Buildings and Facilities

The main building is designed to give a home-like feel, encompassing a kitchen which is available for everyone to use. The main meeting area has a circle of homely couches and armchairs. There are smaller areas off the main open space to enable small groups to carry on their activities independently. There is a second building for separate activities, with mirrored wall and wooden floor – particularly suited to performance.

The Co-op owns a minibus, which allows for frequent excursions. We have a well-stocked library and sports store. With an emphasis on the performing arts, there is a store room of theatrical costumes and props, musical instruments and stage equipment. There are three computers available to the children for various activities. A tool shed is available for use for construction activities.