Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility.

At the Learning Co-operative, we strongly believe in environmental guardianship. We actively incorporate the principles of sustainability into school life and promote these ideas to the wider community.

The Co-op has a conscious regard for the environment in all our actions, choosing ways to lower our impact on the planet’s resources, increase our sustainability and reduce waste. Some of the ways that Co-op is embracing these principles are by using non-polluting products, recycling, gardening organically and planting indigenous species.

The Co-op’s buildings are designed and situated to be energy efficient and have as little impact as possible on the surrounding environment. Rainwater is collected from the roofs to replenish the water supply tanks. Recently, a 2 kilowatt solar power array was installed which supplies electricity to the buildings and feeds any excess back to the mains grid.* (See news article, ‘School’s Set to Go Studiously Solar’.)

Through specific learning activities, capital works and community initiatives we aim to enhance our relationship with the environment.


*This ‘Solar in Nillumbik Project’ was made possible with assistance from the Federal and State Capital Grant Awards from the Australian Greenhouse Office, (AGO), and Sustainability Victoria. The system was installed by alternative energy specialists, Sun, Wind and Power, (SWAP) in March, 2008.